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Sample Banquet Menu

No two banquet menus are the same!

When you arrive, you and your guests are welcome to discuss your preferences with your waiter, who will tailor a menu especially for you. All dietary requirements can be accommodated with advance notice.

We offer the below as an example of a banquet menu for six.

Sample Banquet Menu

Snacks and Street Food
son in law eggs, chilli jam and asian herbs
five spiced duck and water chestnut wontons, house plum sauce
salt and pepper chicken spare ribs, tamarind hot sauce
soy cured ocean trout, green chilli relish, avocado, pickled ginger, puffed rice crisp

Shared Dishes
crispy baby chicken, green prawn and peanut relish, som tum salad
szechuan pulled pork shoulder, rice noodles, asparagus and chinese wine dressing
red duck leg curry, thai basil and coconut cream

Side Dishes
crispy fried sweet corn cakes
wok greens

Gingerboy Dessert Share Plate
calpico sorbet, lychees, mango and crisp noodles
strawberry soup, yuzu and coconut jelly, river mint
black sesame ice cream, pandan mousse, sesame glass
macadamia financier, coconut sago, mango sorbet
coconut cardamom panna cotta, pineapple

Snacks, shared dishes, sides & sweets $83 per person

Premium Wagyu banquet $90 per person


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