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Cocktails to Feel Good About

Posted: 25 May 2017 By Gingerboy

Now our cocktails will make you feel good in more ways than one! Introducing our new cocktail menu, with a deliciously ethical bent.

Our head bartender Rob has worked hard to develop a principled drinks list, focusing on sustainability, waste reduction, vegan alternatives and hyper-local produce.

By applying the same focus the Gingerboy kitchen has to seasonality and in-house production, the bar has been able to create a closed-loop system in which all produce is sourced as locally as possibly (including home-grown), and used to its absolute full-potential. This means that the same item of fruit might be used for its juices, peels, husks and pips to create our in-house cordials, shrubs, zests and beyond.

Further aspects of the menu are designed around reducing waste, with some drink elements being interchangeable based on what citrus and herbs are unused by the kitchen on the day. Many dairy/animal by-products have been removed in favour of plant-based alternatives, reducing the footprint our cocktails have on the environment and making our cocktails more accessible to those with dietary limitations and concerns.

We'll be delving further into the ethos and motivations behind Rob's menu, and the stories behind the ingredients and processes that become your cocktail. In the meantime, you can just come for a drink and ask him for yourself-you'll no doubt find him behind the bar.


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